Vandwelling is simply that- dwelling in a van.  Here you can find links to all our blog posts about vandwelling in our 2003 Ford Econoline E250 that we call Lady:

Renovating the Van:  Here’s how we got the whole vandwelling thing started.
Meet the Van!–  posted May 11, 2014
Day One: So Began the Renovations– posted May 13, 2014
Day Two:  What’s Going on at the Home Depot–  posted May 18, 2014
Day Two:  Bye Bye Dance Floor– posted on May 19, 2014
Interior Construction is Shaping Up!– posted May 27, 2014
We Moved In! and It’s a Mess…– posted June 1, 2014

Vandwelling 101:  The slow learning process of vandwelling.
First Night’s Sleep in the Van– posted June 12, 2014
First Week: Mercury Retrograde Could be Worse– posted June 23, 2014
FAQ: Where Do You Pee?!– posted January 29, 2015
FAQ: Where Do You Shower– posted February 12, 2015
Top 5 Vandwelling Annoyances– posted March 13, 2015
Top 5 Vanlife Apps
– posted May 25, 2015
Top 5 Van Modifications- posted June 6, 2015


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