This Too Is America

We love to travel, that’s kind of the whole point of the vandwelling. Sure, it’s nice to have less stuff and keep it simple, but the vandwelling is really all about the open road for us.  We like to see new places!  All of them!  Really!  So, even though we can’t see them all, let us know if you have THE BEST place for us to see, and we would love to work it into our itinerary and blog about it here!

We are constantly amazed by all the wonder of the USA.  These blog posts are mostly photo collections of the places we have seen around America.  It’s hard to believe or grasp the diversity of the USA.  This country encompasses so many different types of cities, towns, mountains, deserts, trees, people, you name it!  Often we catch ourselves smiling and saying, “This too is America!”

Colorado Springs:  Garden of the Gods!!

Orlando: Recommendations from Universal Studios
Photos of Three Weeks in Florida

New Orleans:  NOLA Photo Shoot

Boston:  Boston American Scene and Cold Chocolate Reins Supreme
Boston: Boston Brews
Northampton: Northampton City Guide

Mansfield:  Oetting Family Reunion
Bridal Cave:  Missouri is for Cave Lovers
Animals I Saw in Missouri!

Red Lodge:  Lady Climbs the Beartooth Pass

Canton:  Canton Public Library

Philadelphia:  The Fire and Delays in Philadelphia
Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PBR, and My New Favorite Thing

Moab: Took My Banjo Down to Devil’s Garden

Olympic Peninsula- Exploring the Olympic National Forest

Manitowoc:  Taking it Easy in Manitowc, WI

Outside Buffalo: Photos of Paradise
Driving Across: Lady Climbs the Beartooth Pass







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