Sometimes we wear wigs.
Sometimes we wear wigs.

Deird and KFO met in Boston in 2012.  It was love at 4th sight.  They soon realized that they share a love of basically all the good things about life, including: travel, music, food, booze, and adventures.  Kristen is a tad more into music shops while Deird would rather spend the afternoon in a library. Their lofty goal is to chase after all those things they love as much as possible, so they are living in a van named Lady in search of- everything.  Watch out world!

The vandwelling adventure started in June of 2014 and ends sometime after that in the future.  Hopefully pretty far into the future. There are quite a few things on the “must see” list!  Time is of the essence, but it’s relative. As of September, 2015 this duo is heading south to Peru, Bolivia and Chile for some much needed rest from shows and tour dates, and little R&R and volunteer work.

Kristen is an immensely talented musician, so much so that the CatvsOwl travel schedule revolves around her endless tour dates. Check out the music of Kristen Ford here.

Deird is a deeply intuitive tarot reader, hyper-organized archivist consultant, and tour manager to boot. Check out her tarot business, The Willow Path Tarot here .


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  1. Janet Obermann May 29, 2014 / 4:55 pm

    I love the wigs!!

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